Learn How Hedge Funds Invest

From idea generation all the way to structuring trades, learn how portfolio managers approach investing, in a friendly and supportive setting. 

* Limited Spots Available! 

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Hi, I'm Haris.

I'm a Portfolio Manager at a multi-million dollar hedge fund. 

Over the past year, I've seen personal finance content on social media going viral for offering questionable — even flat out wrong — advice, while get-rich-quick schemes have attempted to lure in novice investors.


The reality is that 99% of these financial gurus and 'traders' make majority of their income through selling pre-recorded courses and programs...not trading. It seems like every day you hear promises like:

'Make $1,000/day trading from your laptop’.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Being a Portfolio Manager, my 1-on-1 lessons provide everything that you'll need to successfully launch your own investment portfolio and/or trading venture. While I can't guarantee that you’ll become a millionaire within a few months, I can guarantee that you’ll have all the skills necessary to become one.

Why this program?

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

If you're just starting out with investing, want to get better at trading, or just looking to break into the industry - this is for you.


  • Not a Self-Proclaimed Guru: I’m a Portfolio Manager at a multi-million-dollar hedge fund, and have worked in finance for 7+ years.

  • Personalized: You won’t be getting any pre-recorded videos; all my sessions are live via a Zoom/Skype call.


  • Proven Strategy: I’ve raised millions using my strategy and have consistently beat the S&P Index by double digits.


  • Teaching Methods: I’m not a teacher by profession, so I teach using methods that have worked best for me i.e. conversational and learning by doing.

  • Additional Income Stream: My investing strategy relies heavily on Options; I’ll show you how to reduce risk and create an additional (and consistent) income stream.


Choose Your Plan

You will learn the fundamentals of investing, and get access to a private chat room to discuss anything investing related with other people in this course (and me!): 

  • Idea Generation

  • Stock Selection

  • Fundamental Analysis

    • Valuation​

    • Target Price

    • Top Down

    • Bottoms Up

4 Week Plan



6 Week Plan


You will learn the ins and outs of trading, from learning trading fundamentals, utilizing technical analysis to enter/exit trades, and various other trading strategies:​

  • Introduction to the Market

  • Technical Analysis (Charting)

    • Indicators/Averages

  • Position Sizing

  • Market Timing

  • Risk Management

  • Options Strategies



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